How to Cultivate An Abundant Mindset (psst…it’s easier than you think!)

limitless sky

“You are limitless, just like the sky. So be the sky. Be the confidence that comes with knowing that you are infinitely abundant.” ~ Rhoda 

I used to think I was no good with money.

I used to think there wasn’t enough (of anything) to go around.

I used to think charging people for my services was sleazy of me. Disgustingly unspiritual.

The result of this kind of thinking was pretty much what you’d expect:

I was the worst with money. I overdrafted my bank account every other week. (Okay, I admit it, every week.)

I never received enough of the things I wanted. Everything almost always fell short.

And: I did a lot of free sessions for people, and ended up making very little money as a businesswoman.

After going through this (over and over…and over…again), I decided — you know what?

It wasn’t for me.

I knew that if I wanted to attract money and abundance, I’d have to work at it. Like, really work at it.

So I did. I immersed myself in books on wealth consciousness. I stopped giving away sessions for free. I worked on obliterating all of my limiting beliefs and blockages surrounding money. I even attended abundance seminars.

I remember this one seminar like it was yesterday:

We were saying affirmations about how deserving we were of money, out loud, in this huge conference room full of people. As this was happening, I felt a clench in my throat.

I tried to start saying the affirmations again, but I couldn’t. My head started to spin. Nausea gripped my insides.

I made a mad dash for the restroom, my hands pressed over my mouth. When I got there, I locked myself in a stall and threw up in the toilet for a good five minutes.

When I was finished, I felt like crap. But just for a moment. And then I noticed…that I felt lighter. More awake. More in my power.

Because in that toilet bowl, I had thrown up all of the fear and the doubt and the hesitation and the worry and the frustration and the insecurity. I had released all of it.

It was obvious to me, in that moment, that my money blockages had been annihilated. They had fought a good fight, yes — but my body, mind, and spirit had fought harder. And won.

Now hold on. Let’s not get carried away! This doesn’t mean I was rid of money blockages forever.

Money blockages are funny like that. Sometimes they come, sometimes they go.

And they tend to come and go as they please.

The trick is to be consistent enough in staying on top of them to make them come less. And show up for shorter and shorter periods of time.

If you want more in your life — more money, more love, more adventure, more health, more freedom, more sex, more passion, more whatever — you have got to start by believing in your worth.

When you surrender to the fact that you are good enough, abundance will find you.

When you start believing you are deserving of the big visions you carry in your heart, abundance will find you.

When all of the things you have in your life right now light you up with so much gratitude that you feel dizzy with excitement, abundance will find you.

When you learn to navigate the tricky slope of negativity and consciously nudge yourself into focusing on the positive, abundance will find you.

When you start shifting your mind to focus on the things you want, and not let yourself get bogged down by always thinking of the things you don’t want, abundance will find you.

And it will be tough at first. Every great journey we embark upon is. But know this: The toughness is at its worst when you start the thing.

Once we can tackle our resistance to starting something, and actually do it, whatever it is becomes effortless.

We start to realize that at the level of our core nature, we are all radically abundant creatures. We are all worthy of love, of money, of joy, laughter, passion, and happiness.

You got this. Already. Right now. Trust me.

You got this.

To shine the light on your natural abundance right now, repeat this affirmation for 1-2 minutes:

I am overflowing with joy and abundance.




Oh, yeah — and be sure to really mean it when you say it.

If you have to jump up and down as you say it, then get jumping.

If you have to close your eyes and stand on your head, then don’t let anyone stop you.

You alone know what works best for you. So embody this affirmation like it’s nobody’s business. Soon the meaning of its words will shed traces of bliss and transformation through your heart and soul.

And congratulations, for just by reading these words, you have kicked off your journey toward abundance in a super effective way!


  • Naomi Goodlet
    Posted at 09:17h, 15 January

    I’m going to carry this affirmation with me for the rest of the day. I’m feeling some resistance but will persevere. Shared this post 🙂

    • Rhoda Jordan
      Posted at 04:49h, 16 January

      So great! I hope you were able to carry it with you. Thanks for sharing my post Naomi!

  • Yve
    Posted at 10:47h, 15 January

    Hi Rhoda, great post! Loving your open-ness, honesty and authenticity. I know many people including myself, can resonate. It’s true self love and self deservedness is the key to our joy and abundance. Thanks so much for sharing, Will share this on fb now too! love…. Yve 😀

    • Rhoda Jordan
      Posted at 04:45h, 16 January

      Yve! Thank you so much for that. I’m striving to plug in to my authenticity and openness more this year, and your words confirm that I’m on the right path! Yayyyyy 🙂

      • Yve
        Posted at 06:32h, 16 January

        Whoop! Whoop! 😀

  • Gretchen Duhaime
    Posted at 13:24h, 15 January

    What a powerful story! I’ve found that I have no trouble attracting money in every area of life except my business. That block is a tricky little monster and I’ll try this affirmation on it. Thanks!

    • Rhoda Jordan
      Posted at 04:43h, 16 January

      Thanks Gretchen!! Since you’re so good at attracting money in other areas, it should come flowing into the business area of your life with a little nudging! 🙂

  • D'zire La'Phoenix
    Posted at 18:07h, 15 January

    I agree wholeheartedly! I believe that Artists and Spiritual Teachers are often berated for attempting to charge for our talents. It is overlooked that we are just as deserving as anyone else. After years of this being drilled into our minds, we give birth to a heavy guilt in relation to Following our own hearts and doing what is best for ourselves. I often have to explain to people that we ALL have bills and that the goal of EVERYONE should be to get paid doing what you LOVE, not doing what you love for free while getting paid to do something that brings you misery. Money is not some illusive or evil object. Opposite of you, I used to and still do get criticized for my frugality. Where I come from, people have little money, so those who try to Save are scoffed at. I would then be quilted into feeling that I am selfish and inconsiderate of others. It is only recently that I have began to break the shackles that I once allowed to hold me and I know that this new found freedom brings with it true Abundance and happiness. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow, and to strengthen my connection with others and the Universe. Manifestation is REAL. You story of the symbolic waste being released from your being is so parallel to what happened to me just a few days ago. I expelled DECADES of toxic waste from my mind, body, spirit and emotions. My Solar Plexus felt so much looser and lighter. I LITERALLY expelled TEN POUNDS of toxic build up. I know there is more to release and I am up for the task!
    Love, Light and Wealth to all of you!

    • Rhoda Jordan
      Posted at 04:41h, 16 January

      I SO love this!! Thank you for sharing! I totally agree with all of it. And WOW about the “decades of toxic waste!” You must feel so much happier and healthier right now. How exciting!

  • Caroline Kirk
    Posted at 13:16h, 19 January

    Nodding so much as I read Rhoda. I’ve been too long in the shackles of ‘lack’ .. I seem to be on a roller-coaster where these beliefs are concerned and have intended this is the year to end that… to be free of guilt around charging, around receiving, around believing that money is anything but another form of energy, one we need to live lives of abundance and philanthrophy..I have had aha moments and ones of great release which resulted in amazing manifestations only to allow the old beliefs to seep back in and take over again.. no more! I am overflowing with joy and abundance.. Thanks so much Rhoda <3

    • Rhoda Jordan
      Posted at 06:14h, 22 January

      So beautifully put Caroline! There’s such a precious freedom that comes with breaking out of those “shackles of lack.” For me, there’s also big freedom that comes from releasing all expectations. Letting go of my attachment to results has really helped me to live in a state of deep abundance and to drop my relationship with guilt surrounding money! Thanks again for these beautiful words! xo