Want to Make 2014 the Best Year Yet?

New 2014 year

Happy 2014! 

I’ve got a quick exercise for you: 

It’ll take just a minute, and it’ll give you a foundation to truly shine + make beautiful things happen in this New Year! 

All you gotta do is fill in the two sentences below, and you’re good to go… 

  • One thing I want to let go of this year is __________.
  • One thing I want to welcome into my life this year is __________.

Bear in mind: Your answers can be as long or short as you wish. And if those answers make you feel a little tingly + excited, then you’re on the right track!! 

Please share your answers with everyone else in the comment section below! Let’s get the vibrations around here nice and warm.

And for this New Year, remember to: Be present, give, create with joy, speak from the heart, laugh as much as you can, eat healthy food, make time for the people you love, listen to your intuition, breathe more (and deeply), and finally…never apologize for who you are!

Oh! And I almost forgot: Don’t do things you don’t want to do! So important. If something doesn’t light you up, say “no” and walk away!!! It’s not worth the time or the energy.

Here’s to a happy + healthy + sexy New Year! 

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