How to Create a Soulful + Abundant Business ~ Interview with Astra Spider

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I’m elated to feature my friend Astra Spider on my blog today. She’s a biz superstar with loads of talent and resourcefulness. The woman oozes such tremendous warmth, personability, and style that you can’t help but be drawn to her.
Check out my interview with Astra! She talks about creating an abundant business, and also shares some info on an exciting experience she has coming up!


What is ONE essential thing an entrepreneur can do to bring more abundance and success into their business right now?

Connect with soul. This is the single most powerful thing any of us can do to bring us directly into connection with our inner-wisdom, abundance, and what I call “soul-success.” Our souls hold all the info we need, so when we tap in regularly for guidance, we always know our perfect next step in biz!

I know that a huge part of your work is really helping people to step into their truth and the power of their voice in order to create a fulfilling and fruitful business. Why is this so difficult to do sometimes?

What an awesome question! What I have found in my own journey is that there is so much amazing information out there, and it’s really easy to try to consume and implement it all and become lost under layers of other people’s theories and opinions of “the right way” to do business.

We are constantly being inundated with “shoulds” and “supposed to’s” and why what we are doing is “wrong” and why it will “never work for us” and “what to do instead.”

I was caught up in all of this for a few years as I immersed myself in the study of business – but what I finally came to realize is that what works for others works for them because they are THEM. And what works for me, works for me because I am ME.

Each of us has a unique imprint and a unique style – and unique needs. Our individual souls hold the key to what will work best for us – and what will keep us authentically US – and therefore successful on a soul level!

What happens to our selves and our businesses when we start voicing our true message?

When each of us uncovers what I call “The True Message of Your Soul,” we experience a connection to purpose that is a key to our own empowerment – and therefore a key to how we empower our “peeps” – what I call our Perfect Tribes – on Earth in this lifetime!

The True Message of Your Soul is your battery-pack that powers all you do, all you share – all that you are – and the Big Why of why you are here. It brings you into direct connection with your passion and mission.

Tell us a little bit about your Magnificent Messengers Empowerment Experience!

This is an absolutely magical 10-week one-on-one journey with me. On this journey we activate your Biz and Abundance Superpowers: Your vitality, voice and visibility; we uncover and get you centered in the True Message of Your Soul; and we discover your Perfect Tribe, so you can begin to empower them straightaway!

When you are centered in your true message and Perfect Tribe, you become a magnetic force – and you are able to powerfully voice your message so that you are seen and heard by those you are here to serve. They simply love to bask in your glow!

Who is this experience right for?

I call my Perfect Tribe the Magnificent Messengers. These are soul-based healers, coaches, mentors, teachers, artists, writers and performers ready to voice their message out in the world, empower their tribe, and bring abundance in.

If this is you, and you are ready for soul-success, the Magnificent Messengers Empowerment Experience is perfect for you! We shall have so much FUN together!

To learn more about the Magnificent Messengers Empowerment Experience, click here. You’ll also get info on joining two FREE events that Astra is hosting!

(Also: If you sign up for the Magnificent Messengers program by 11:59pm Central Time on Friday, June 6th, you can take advantage of a super-generous Earlybird rate!  Check it out now!)


Astra Spider is a shaman & soul guide for soul-based biz owners. These days she can be found working (playing) with Magnificent Messengers on a mission to activate their Biz & Abundance Superpowers, voice the true message of their soul, and empower their Perfect Tribe! Astra lives and breathes in Evanston, Illinois with her partner Rich, and their 6 amazing animal companions: Donovan and Starla (the best Boston Terriers ever), Daniel the 3-legged tiger striped cat, Birdena the 17 pound calico cat, Carmichael the sweet-potato-colored gorgeous Guinea Pig, and Silver, the more-than-a-foot-long magical Egyptian Uromastyx lizard.

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