How to Stress Less and Be Happy


Guest Post by Ruby Toad


It’s so easy to get lost in the daily routine of hitting the floor running the moment your alarm goes off — and not stopping till well past bedtime. You have a job, family, friends and a gazillion other obligations to make time for. Sure, it would be great to squeeze in meditation and some sense of spiritual connection, but who has time for that?  You’re too stressed to be zen!

However: Wouldn’t it be nice to stress less and be happier?

Here are two quick and easy practices to get you there:

1. KISS and Meditate

Keep It Simple, Sweets!

Meditation doesn’t have to be 30 minutes of full lotus, chanting “om” twice a day. It can be (it certainly is a beautiful practice) but let’s focus on something more practical for your busy schedule.

Set your alarm 5 minutes early, then set your snooze button to go off after 5 minutes.

When your alarm goes off, hit the snooze button.

Now take a few moments to tune into your body…

How were you sleeping?  Curled up, on your back, or flat out on your belly?

Gently begin to move and stretch your body while still lying in bed.

Are you tight or sore anywhere? Are you carrying tension or feeling relaxed?

Begin to take a few slow, deep breaths.

If you found any areas of tension earlier, try breathing into these areas, using your breath to release the tension.

Once you’ve scanned your body from head to toe, take the next few moments to just follow your breath in and out. No need to control it or change it; simply notice it. Do this until your alarm goes off.

You’ll find yourself feeling more relaxed, clear, and able to flow with the challenges of your day.

2. Pause and Connect

When you tap into your spirituality and your divine connection, you will feel loved, supported, and guided. This is where your inner peace flows from.

A lovely way to remind yourself to take a moment and connect is to create a small sacred space.

Simply gather some objects that represent spirit to you, have special meaning, or remind you of the love and beauty in your life. Place these objects somewhere in your home (or office) where you will see them often.

I have a few of these spaces in my home. One is a picture frame with a small shelf on it. In the frame, I have a picture of my family, and on the shelf, I have a couple of special crystals and a feather representing the presence of angels in my life.  Every time I look up and see this space, I am reminded of the divine in my life, and I am filled with love and gratitude for my husband and children.

Seeing your sacred space will remind you to pause for a moment and connect. The more often you touch base with this space, the stronger its energy will become; and with time, your sacred space will radiate a calm, loving energy that will fill your entire room. This collection of moments will add up to a greater sense of inner peace and calm for you, without causing you stress about fitting time into your day for spiritual practice.


About Ruby:

Ruby Toad is a modern day medicine woman. A reiki master, certified crystal healer, and gifted intuitive, she blends ancient wisdom and spirituality into powerful yet practical tools for daily life. She is passionate about helping people heal by reconnecting with their inner spirit and creating positive changes in their lives. Her driving desire is to help her clients heal themselves. 

You can connect with Ruby online at


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