7 Soulful Steps To Manifest Money Through Your Business


Guest Post by Bindiya Aravandekar


Manifesting money through your business is a healthy combination of the energetic and physical dimensions. Money is a sacred energy. If we want to invite more money into our lives in exchange for the services that we provide then we need to accept the fact that we do desire money.

When I started out with my business I was constantly denying my desire to earn money. I kept giving other beautiful reasons for being in business – serving others, expressing my creative side, connecting to like-minded women – and all of them were true. However, I denied the fact that I was in business for the money too. I  wondered when I would begin to make real money through my business. Clearly I had work to do on my wealth consciousness.

These were the steps that I was guided to for working through my money blocks.

Connect to your story

I believe that our lives and our businesses are deeply interconnected.

Our business reflects the manner by which we approach our life. This is the reason that it is very important to connect to the story of your life, to be aware of it. How do you tell your story and how is it reflected to you by the people around you?

Often the fears and insecurities faced in our business are lurking around in our present life situation. For example…if you are feeling unenthusiastic about growing your business, then take a look at where boredom has manifested in your life. You most definitely will find a connection. When you heal or even attempt to heal the life condition that caused the boredom, you will find a renewed enthusiasm toward your business. Listen to your life for it is always giving you feedback.

Claim your gifts

There is magic in standing in the beauty of your gifts. This very act connects you to a deeper power present within.

When you claim your gifts, you honor the essence that gave them to you. You claim your stand in the world. You express your self-value in a healthy way. You deepen your roots to your vision so that you can expand with a calm and loving presence.

Claiming your gifts can inspire you to birth new ideas, attract wonderful opportunities and get the right clients to your doorstep. All of this adds to making more money through your business.

Build your “presence”

Your presence is the infinite source of energy that is within you and that attracts all to you. Build your presence by giving your attention to it in this moment.

Take a few deep breaths and rest your awareness in yourself. How are you being present right now? Practice being in the Now! This simple act clears out our energy because it goes beyond the thoughts, emotions and the clutter that can throw us in different directions every single moment.

You have to find your own way of building your presence. For some, taking a deep breath is enough to get them into this moment; for others, a quiet walk in nature helps in a profound way.

Daily practice is essential. Once you have created this as a habit, you only have to step back into it and allow the flow to lead you to your best.

Dive deeper into giving and receiving

Understanding your relationship to the acts of giving and receiving opens up a whole new world of insights.

What does giving mean to you? Under what conditions are you willing to give freely from your heart? How do you feel about the act of receiving? Do you question or judge the intention of the giver?

When we gain awareness of the answers, we often experience inner shifts that allow us to fine-tune our relationship to giving and receiving. In my experience, women often have a major disconnect with receiving, even though receiving is regarded as a feminine quality. We immediately question or doubt the intention of the giver. Years of habitual giving have made us women believe that receiving is not good. These patterns of thought do affect how we run and grow our business.


To let go of all that does not serve us anymore is another crucial learning in the business cycle. Releasing outdated patterns of belief and reinforcing the release through consistent new action helps to establish a new standard.

Some of us can do this faster than others can, but we all follow our own unique timing, which needs to be honored. It is helpful to de-clutter at all the four levels of being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

When we let go, we must also consider the gift that was present while the clutter lasted in our life. Releasing with love and compassion makes fresh space for the new to enter our lives.

Shine out in the world

Now that your foundations are pretty strong, you can go right ahead and take those inspired actions to bring in happy monies through your business.

Each action you take will be from a place of self-value, purpose and deep intent. You will notice that you are no longer attached to the outcomes. You simply receive the feedback and work on refining your actions so that they are more in alignment with your intention.

With every step you may find that a lot of inner stuff comes up to be acknowledged and healed. As you patiently deal with the people and situations in your life you will find that your business will shift even more deeply. Soon you will have your own rhythm of working along with the Universe. You will be eager to shine your light out into the world.

Enjoy the journey

As women entrepreneurs stepping up to our gifts and our feminine power, we are moving away from a lot of traditional thinking and beliefs. Stuff will show up on our way, but it is a personal choice to handle it with grace and elegance. No matter what comes up we can be committed to enjoy the journey. This very decision brings about a transformation in us. We rest in the energy of contentment and abundance which allows more and more abundance to flow into our lives.

All these steps add value to the energetic structure of your business and to the process of who you are becoming as a result of diving deep into your business. It is vital that we as women entrepreneurs make a decision to live our best lives.

Be open to invite and receive the money that you desire in exchange for your services.

Bindiya Aravandekar coaches heart centered women entrepreneurs to grow their business with intuition, joy and presence.
The realization that every business has its own soul and is tied intimately to the soul of the business owner inspired her to work with women to unblock their business path and claim their heart’s desires. She now coaches women to align to the destiny and purpose of their business by gently making them aware of how the story of their life has a deep impact upon the story of their business. 

Bindiya believes that when we begin to see our life blocks as gifts then our business reflects this new perspective and expands to the new energy. She currently has a special coaching offer on exploring your money story.

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  • Jayne flintoff
    Posted at 16:17h, 15 January

    Thank you for this inspiring post , it really helped me to understand where I could be potentially blocking myself . Thank you for sharing and uplifting .