How to Forge a New Beginning with the Apana Mudra

Indian dance

I hope your 2015’s off to an amazing start!

I just moved from Los Angeles to Northern California, and things have been super crazy. (Btw: Having a newborn baby and a toddler AND moving your family 350 miles away is HARD. Not gonna sugarcoat it.)

I have soooo much to share with you, but for now I have to keep it brief. Since our gorgeous house is brand new and our address doesn’t even exist on the map yet, it has been a struggle to get the internet up and running.

BUT — nothing can stop me from sharing an AMAZING mudra with you. It’s called the apana mudra. It’s for eliminating something from your life so that you can start out fresh. I think this type of thing is highly appropriate for the start of this brand new year, doncha agree?

And trust me: You are gonna LOVE it. It’s easy to do, you’ll feel awesome afterward, and it’s a fantastic balancer of masculine and feminine energy — which is the key to happy and healthy living. Check out the video here…

And finally:

THANK YOU for an amazing 2014! Whether I’ve worked with you as a client, or you’ve watched my meditation videos, read my blog posts, and/or downloaded my free superheroine pdfs, I appreciate you to no end!

Sending you big wishes for a happy and abundant 2015! WOOHOO!

  • tracye
    Posted at 00:40h, 06 January

    Happy New Year Beloved One! Moving is a BIG Deal on multi-
    levels. Thank you for finding a moment to reconnect with us
    and may Divine support be SUPERsized for you and your family in this new year of transition. Infinite love,tracye

    p.s. I do this mudra as well!

  • Shân
    Posted at 18:57h, 06 January

    Rhoda, I hope your new home is an absolutely magnificent haven for you and your family. Thank you for this mudra. I let go of the fear of really being me and invited more wealth into my life. So very thankful to you for the beautiful things you bring to us.
    Happy 2015!