Meet My New Intern Sarah


By Sarah Felder


Hey lovely people! I’m Sarah Felder from Brooklyn, New York.

I’m a sophomore at Ohio University studying Human Sexuality and Relationships.

You may be thinking, is this a real major?

It’s not! I created it because I truly know what my passion is. I want to help people deeply connect with their partner(s) sexually and romantically. I’m also passionate about helping people channel their own sexual energy and feminine spirit without a partner.

I hope to go to grad school for Human Sexuality or Sexology one day, and study tantra and sexological bodywork. Hopefully all of this will lead to me having my own business.

How does one get into studying sex? I was raised with a super open lesbian mom in super open New York City. I always wanted to be a therapist, but realized all I wanted to do was talk about love and sex.

I came to school in Ohio and saw how suppressed people were. The hookup culture is so real in college. People are terrified to connect romantically on a deep level, and they straight up wouldn’t know how to, even if they wanted to.

People are constantly having unsafe/unsatisfying sex (especially intoxicated) and it’s not being talked about nearly enough.

This inspired me!

I knew I wanted to change how people viewed connection, especially sexually. Besides creating my major, I joined some really cool organizations on campus. I’m training to be a peer heath educator, and will soon start doing programs on campus about safer sex, drinking, smoking, you name it.

For practice I got to talk to people about mindful masturbation during sex week. The program was originally supposed to be on safe masturbation, but I suggested we take it to the next level. I wrote out tips and instructions for both sexes. People who said they knew everything about masturbation were actually fascinated by what I had to say. Some even told me very intimate details about their sex lives.

By the end, my heart was opened. I knew this was what I wanted to do.

I am also part of the club on campus that represents Planned Parenthood. We hand out condoms a lot, which is really fun.

I am also a women’s affairs senator, so my vote represents the women on campus.

I recently got certified in levels one and two of reiki, which has been amazing. I’ve given sessions to many of my friends. The more I do it, the better karma and happiness I seem to have. I think this practice will better help me learn tantric massage.

One of my most exciting endeavors is my goddess circle! I went to my first one over winter break and decided to create my own. Using Rhoda’s videos, my experiences, intuition, and overall knowledge from my reading, I created my own goddess circle. What a great experience!

I look forward to sharing the light of Rhoda’s work with all of you!

If you want to check me out, my Instagram is Sarah_Felder.

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