The Inner Workings of Kundalini Revealed

kundalini open

To awaken and raise kundalini is to be in the grip of a great science. 

It’s a shedding away of the skin. It’s a deep-dive into a warm pool of electricity. 

It’s something that happens when the ego-switch gets flipped to “off.” 

It’s that in-between space. 

You know the one I mean. 

The space where you are fully present, where no thoughts cut in to disturb or distort the moment. 

When I first awakened my kundalini, I felt as if a stream of hot light had been poured into every crevice of my body. I hadn’t initially set the intention to rouse the sleeping serpent from its slumber. I was just there, with no expectations. On my back, meditating on my heart chakra.  

In the past, I had heard stories of kundalini, but I just kind of shrugged them off. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in it; it was just that my mind couldn’t fully comprehend it. I had gone to kundalini yoga classes before, and afterward, I’d drive home with this soothing kind of buzz coursing through my body. It was very gentle. It made me feel good, but it wasn’t anything that turned my entire universe upside down. 

Little did I know that that feeling was just the beginning.   

As I lay there on my back, my focus laser-sharp, honing into my heart space, something happened. The best way I can describe it is…

Imagine you turned on the faucet in your kitchen, and you let the water stream down. That’s what our bodies are like in normal terms. But then imagine if you took a giant waterfall and tried to run that through the faucet. Imagine the extreme dance of force, movement, energy, and pressure that would happen as a result. The faucet might probably break. And even if it didn’t, it would never be the same again. It would bear some kind of mark from the experience it had been through.

In my case, the faucet broke. I felt it happen. I felt everything I thought I knew disintegrating before my eyes. I felt the world expanding around me. I felt the depths of my soul trembling, as if remembering where it came from.

And then the tears flowed. It was as if every emotion, feeling, and thought that had been stuck inside me was finally being liberated. As I cried, I felt my inner space getting lighter and lighter. I felt this deep grace washing over me. And then I heard this voice. It said:

“You are more powerful than you realize.”

I completely lost it then. Sobbing and basking in the glow of the moment. I felt so supported and held. 

My Kundalini experience was one of the biggest gifts of my life. The world has never looked the same since then.  

If you’re looking for a kundalini experience, the first thing to remember is to let go of attachment to results. Let each moment take you where it needs to. Let that be enough. 

If you are always trying to reach for the big moment, it will elude you. 

Instead, breathe and be. Stay present to your body. Meditate a little each day. Spend an entire meditation session just focusing and breathing in to one of your chakras. And then the next day, work on a different chakra. Get your energy centers flowing and balanced. All else will follow. 


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