Walking the Tightrope of the Masculine and Feminine


All of life is masculine and feminine. One simply cannot exist without the other. 

The energy of the masculine is pure consciousness, while the energy of the feminine resides in its ability to animate and create. 

I like to think of the masculine as a canvas, while the feminine is the paintbrush that fills the face of the canvas with colors, tones, and textures. 

This dance of consciousness and creativity swirls on and on in daily life. And if we try to shut it down, to obstruct the flow of it, the imbalance leads to major discord. 

Look at our current world. Both our Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine have been deeply wounded. 

The pulse of the Sacred Feminine has been quieted. Her grace and her intuition have been shut down. Stress, toxins, and fear all aim to throw Her out of touch with Her natural cycles. Without that connection, She is lost.  

And the Sacred Masculine is lost, as well. With the focus on protection and action, He has worn Himself into the ground. With all the pressure placed upon Him, He has fallen out of step with His authentic center. Our hyper-masculine culture has fooled Him into believing that He is not strong enough, and that He now must prove His strength and dominance any chance He gets, at whatever cost. In doing so, men shrug off their feminine aspects, for fear that it might further weaken them. 

Both men and women carry the masculine and feminine within. The women lead with their feminine, while the masculine qualities reside within, providing structure and security. Meanwhile, the men lead with their masculine, while their feminine qualities reside within, providing calmness and graceful clarity. We aren’t always conscious of these invisible forces operating within, but they’re there. They’re constantly guiding us, protecting us, showing us the way back home to ourselves.

We just need to listen. It might take some time to reconnect with this part of ourselves, but it’s possible. 

When men can start honoring their own feminine side, they will heal their masculine. And they will be able to forge deeper and more meaningful connections with the opposite sex. 

The same goes for women. When women start to hear the call of the masculine within, they can heal their feminine, as well. And they can start to live in more harmony with their male counterparts. 

To do this, one must become very aware. Practice yoga. Meditate every day. Walk in nature every chance you get. Drink lots of water. Breathe deep into your belly. These things will naturally balance your masculine and feminine energies. 

Also: When you are with someone of the opposite sex, notice any blockages that are keeping you from connecting. Feel into it. This shouldn’t be a mental experience. Just keep the mind out of it and allow yourself to feel through it. It might be tough to get a hold of, but with time, you will develop the ability to feel wherever there are blockages stirring in your space. 

Once you can feel into these blockages, just focus on them. And notice them starting to dissolve.

Being conscious of what stands in the way of you engaging the opposite sex at a deeper, more vibrant level is the first step toward healing those parts of yourself that need a little love. 

It is a brave and beautiful act to walk the tightrope of the masculine and feminine.




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