You Weren’t Meant to Settle


Life goes by in the blink of an eye. So don’t settle.

The things that you turned away from, that you slipped onto the backburner, hoping no one would notice, those things will eat you alive in their unmanifested state. So don’t settle.

The people in your life, the ones who don’t truly get you or support you, are only draining you of precious time. So don’t settle.

The job that you do, the one in which you are merely going through the motions, will suck you dry until there’s nothing left. So don’t settle.

The words sit unspoken inside of you, like glass shards piercing through the center of your chest.

Your stillborn projects and promises remain silent and lifeless, shut away behind heavy closet doors.

Some days, you wake up and your heart constricts with the pain of knowing that you must do it all again.

Other days, the numbness makes it so that your heart feels nothing.

And then there are times when electric fire seeps through a tiny crack, flooding into your soul. It’s just a moment, but it’s everything. You suddenly feel alive with passion, or creatively inspired, or caught in the grip of your deep truth.

Anything can set that moment off. An interaction with an intriguing stranger. Reading a passage of soul-stirring poetry.  Sharing a belly laugh with a child. Receiving a compliment. Walking in the rain.

And once that happens, once that light finesses its way through the crack, you must lean into it. You must soften and surrender. Your passion is not meant to be fleeting. It is the spark of who you are. Stay connected to it at all times. And never settle. You weren’t made for settling. You were made for so much more.

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